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What we are learning this year

With the help of our teachers Mrs Briley and Mrs Maynard, and our teaching assistant Mrs Oliver; we will be completing the following Learning Journeys:

  • Battle of Hastings
  • Ice Worlds
  • All around the world
  • Awesome Art
  • Amazing Authors
  • The Great Fire of London.

Within these learning journeys we will also be discovering new ideas in Science (Sound, Light, Electricity, Investigating living things and The Earth), in ICT (Beebots, E-Safety and the features of 2Simple and Microsoft Word) and we hope to visit Battle Abbey and Paradise Park.

If you have questions about the curriculum please speak to Mrs Briley or Mrs Maynard.

History off the Page- the Great Fire of London 19/04/2017

The children had a fantastic fun filled day and they have some exciting items to bring home over the next few weeks to show you!  Thank you for the amazing costumes! Photos of our activities will be uploadfed soon but here's a taster of the amazing learning that has been going on:

The morning comprised of the following workshops:

Barber Surgeon: The Barber Surgeon and assistants used facsimile tools and role play to bring this workshop to life.

Leather Workers: The Leather Workers designed and made tooled leather bookmarks.

Chandlers: The chandlers dipped beeswax candles.

School House: The children made and wrote with quill pens.

Metal Workers: The children made clay moulds used in metal castings.

Seamstresses: The children sewed blackwork muckenders.

Then the Great Fire was simulated using smoke effects and the children were tasked with putting the fire out!

The afternoon session focused on 'How do we know about the past?' and involved and archaelogical investigation using 'dig' boxes and the children became archaeologists!