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Parental Engagement Projects

Starting in June 2012 we have been working on a research project designed by East Sussex County Council. This project has been designed to look into Parents Engagement at home and with school.

During this year we have continued to run the 'Working with parents' workshops. They have been on:

Assessment without levels -  Please find the powerpoint in the documents section of this page.

My Maths on Tablets - Mrs Sophie Holdt

Football Match to Brighton

Community singing at Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm

Phonics, what you need to know, (Led by Mrs Fernandes).

E Safety - Drop in for parents before school and meeting.

Cricket match vs the Village.

We have had 3 new parent researchers who undertook questionnares with over 20 families from our Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage classes. We used the responses from these surveys to formulate support and developing 'working together' opportunities.

This website was born from the findings of this project and we hope that this provides useful information and helps with the communication between home and school.

Pictures from the 'Family Football Day' to Brighton.

Animation project  - children working together to improve standards in writing ICT and speaking and listening.


Pictures from our Phonics evening. 22 parents came to the evening (This is over a third of our total families)!

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