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School Meals

Chartwells cook delicious school lunches here onsite every day for £2.85 (Free to Reception, Yr1 and Yr 2)




Fruit for Morning Play


Fruit is available for all four to six year old children in maintained schools. It entitles all children in Tigers and Lions classes to a free piece of fresh fruit or vegetable every school day.

The scheme aims to encourage children to eat more fruit and vegetables and contribute to a reduction in the risk of heart disease and cancer in later life. The scheme is run by the Department of Health, and any CSA-maintained school can choose to take part.

Fruit may be purchased by KS2 children.


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As a Primary school in East Sussex we take part in the Coolmilk scheme.  Under fives are entitled to a portion of free milk per day.  Applications can be made online at www.coolmilk.com

Older children can also be registered for milk.  The cost is subsidised and can be paid for online.

If you would like to purchase milk or fruit for your child please contact the school office.

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